Friday, January 16, 2009


Some of us woke up to a fairy fancy continental breakfast. Fresh squeezed orange juice, Potato omelet-ish thing, eggs, sweet bread, sausage (think pepperoni like), and more.

We all took a small tour of the city before getting introduced to our home-stay families.
Pictures to follow


I was introduced to my home-stay mom: Carmen Pardo Cardoso, and when I got to her house, her daughter; Sandra

They live a little bit north of downtown, just north of Plaza de Toros in an apartment style home on the 7th floor, with a view of the Hill*. Carmen makes me lunch and dinner everyday and everything is good. Meatball soup, bread, fish w/ tomato sause, tortillas de papas (potatoey tortilla looking thing).

She is very sweet, and always offers to help out with everything, and makes sure I am well fed. I haven’t Sandra since I’ve met her at first, she is works at the theaters and always leaves before I get back from class.

Anyway I’m getting settled in. My luggage arrived today fortunately. And for the most part we understand each other fairly well and I haven't been having too much trouble communicating.

Pictures of the House:

I will probably only be updating this every few days after classes start tomorrow. I dont have internet access in the house im staying but there is at the university. Plus I get tired of writing so much.


  1. Happy to read that your luggage arrived. It would have been awful for it to not show up.

    Sound like you are eating well. :D Enjoy the 'new' foods.

  2. Uh-oh, vos tambien trabajastes en un theater, yeh? Are you gonna get a chance to go to any partidos de fut?