Friday, January 16, 2009

Monday 12

First day of class
we all got up nice and early (7:30) so we could all find the bus and check our classes at the university. Fortunately, I have class in the afternoon (11-3), but the majority of the people in our group have class from 8-12. So Armando took us on a little tour around campus, and got us all situated and showed us where the computer labs were (finally! Their computers are very slow (win95 i believe) but they have ethernet jacks i can plug into).

The first day of classes went well. They seem to be at the right level (advanced) and should push me along nicely. The pace seems slower, but i think thats just the spanish culture because we are covering a good amount of material. The professors are very understanding, although most of them do not speak english. The classes have all international students. A good portion of them are from the US, but there’s some from Japan, Korea, Russia, and Iran from what i could make out.


  1. No trajistes su laptop? Hoy si estoy impresionado...

  2. Jaja, no, lo traje. Aquí lo llaman un portátil, pero Casi nunca lo uso.